Friday, September 18, 2009

Firesteed Pinot Noir 2006

Pinot strikes me as a good shoulder season wine - too bad Tancred says this one is just a little over-priced to be really good value.

--- Tancred's Review---

This is an unmistakable new world pinot noir. Strawberry flavours on the nose and a fruit forward palate that marks this as new world, reminiscent of a cool climate Australian pinot. Quite dry, maybe even a bit tart on the finish. This is not a great wine, not particularly complex, but it is a well-made pinot if you're in the mood for something in this style. At $25 though, not a bargain.

Price: $24.99
Rating: 85
Value: 3/5
Region: Oregon
UPC: 753526100005


  1. Who knows a pinot under $30 that is very good?

    There is some elusive thing I really enjoy about pinot (perhaps the light, food friendly acidity?), but have not had it under $30; and furthermore only get a tease of it above that price.

    I would love to try some value pinot. The closest thing I have found is the cono sur pinot - any others?

  2. I think the Aresti Reserve Pinot Noir was ok, while the Trapiche & Nottage Hill Pinot Noir were both subpar. Has anyone tries the Lamberti Pinot Noir ?

  3. I had this wine by the glass at a restaurant tonight. I found it pretty solid. It was true to it's pinot roots. Had good balance, nice tart fruit, some vege juice hidden in there, and went well with food. As in most pinot's it was not sweet or delicious, but a nice wine that I enjoyed. My palate would give it a solid 87pt.