Monday, September 29, 2008

About Me / Contact Info

I am not a wine expert. I like a variety of different wines and I like trying new wines, but apart from that I have absolutely no qualifications for writing about wine. On the bright side, this blog is free.

There is no team so far. Except that my wife, Kelly, usually likes to make her own notes about the wines she drinks. Her notes are better than mine - she usually tastes the wine blind, while I almost never do, and her palate is better than mine anyway - so sometimes I steal her stuff when she's not looking. Also, when readers post their own reviews in the "Make a Suggestion" thread I will often repost it as a separate blog entry into order to get a searchable thread going on that particular wine.

If you like to contact me about this blog - if you have a review you would like me to post, or even better, if you would like to send me free wine! - send an e-mail to me at "NBwines /at/ gmail /dot/ com"

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