Monday, February 23, 2009

This blog needs YOU

I've been posting wine reviews every other day - or more often - for the last six months. At first it was mostly reviews by me and Kelly, but lately a few others - Iron Chef, Michelle (and what happened to Luke?) have also been contributing a lot. But now the pipeline from the regular contributors is dry.

That's not a bad thing. The concept behind this blog was never to have just a few people telling everyone else what wines are good or bad. My opinion isn't worth any more than yours - I don't know anything about wine except what I like or don't like (and even that seems to change day to day). The point of this blog was to share opinions, not to give me a pedestal to be a wine wanker. My goal was to start a CellarTracker for New Brunswick.

So how about it? What have you tried lately? What did you think? Post a review in the Make a Suggestion thread, or send it directly to me at NBwines /at/ gmail /dot/ com. It doesn't have to be elaborate. For example: "I tried Wine X. It tasted like wine. That's great value for $10.49." Or "I tried Wine Y. It tasted like Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is cheaper."

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