Monday, January 4, 2010

Moet et Chardon Cuvee Dom Perignon 1992

It looks like Iron Chef had some interesting wines for New Year's.  He gave me four reviews, and I'll start with a teaser - the traditional champagne, which didn't live up to the star billing.

Anyone else have some good / bad / indifferent New Year's  bottles to tell us about?

— Iron Chef’s Review —

Nose: Warm Bread-like yeasty notes. Salted Cashews and Staley minerals
Taste: Brioche with nuts- mostly cashews. Dry mineral notes and grapefruit. Finish was surprisingly short.
Overall: this was the third time that I had tasted this vintage and I was the most disappointed with this bottle. It just tasted dried out and abrupt in its finish.
Not scored.

Alcohol 12.8%
Purchased at ANBL- 6yrs ago about $225
UPC #3185370362174

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