Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poderi Colla Nebbiolo d'Alba 2003

She's smiling, and you should be smiling too, if you can find any of this wine left in the stores. It's a Nebbiolo d'Alba - the little brother (or sister, judging from the label) of the great Barolo and Barbaresco. It's the same grape (Nebbiolo), and from the same general region (Alba), but not from the especially favoured sites that are the home of these two more famous wines. While this does not have the flavours and complexity of a good Barolo, it's a great buy nonetheless. If you have ever wondered what a Barolo is like, but you haven't been willing to shell out the $50+ to find out, this has characteristic Nebbiolo flavours at very reasonable price. Also, apart from any comparison with Barolo, this is excellent value at the price, especially if you prefer an old-world style. But if you want to try it, hurry, as there isn't a lot left. I'm only posting this because I already bought a case for myself.

Price: $19.99
Region: Peidmont
Grapes: Nebbiolo
UPC: 836951000185


  1. I agree, very good bottle of wine for the price. First bottle was corked- took it back and the second one was fine. Poor Cork though.

  2. Wow! thanks for your note on this wine...
    Did not really check it out because of the small quantities available at the ANBL, and we need more to feature this wine by the glass at our little wine bar happinez in Saint John. Today, checked it out after all...very much agree with your view, very solid nebbiolo and what a tremendous value!! Bought a case as well..
    Peter Smit
    happinez wine bar
    42 Princess Street
    Saint John, NB
    E2L IK2