Sunday, October 25, 2009

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling 2008

Nose of wet wool and citrus
Viscous and crisply acidic on the palate

Price: $19.99
Value: 4/5
Score: 90
Alcohol: 9.5%
Region: Germany
UPC: 4013231000684


  1. I really liked the 2007. How does the 2008 compare?

  2. Whoops - that review got posted by accident. Kelly had promised to finish writing it up and gave herself a week - and then it posted automatically. We didn't try the '07, but Wine Spectator called the '08 vintage "a trimmer, leaner version of 2007."

  3. I think there is going to be some St Urbans at the wine show in Moncton this year.

    Great Riesling house!

  4. saw that they had the Okfener Bockstein in at the Dieppe liquor store. I noticed that the price had doubled since last year, so I wanted to see what they'd brought in. The didn't have it on sale, but had a case in the back held back for restaurants and what not. They were kind enough to dig me out a bottle. Turns out it's a Spatlese, rather than the Kabinett they had last year. The Kabinett was probaby my favorite wine at the show last year, with the 2007 Riesling close behind. Looking forward to trying them out next week.

  5. Tried the '08 at the wine festival. Still a really great wine. Nice acidity. Not quite as good at the '07 but still very nice.