Friday, November 13, 2009

Wine Expo

I wasn't able to attend the Wine Expo last week, as I was away. Anyone spot any winners? (or losers?)

Count on Iron Chef to have something to say - here are his brief notes on the Wine Expo:

--- Iron Chef's Notes ---

Pierre Sparr Extrem - Table 3
I think this was the Riesling- highlighter on the label, fresh crisp minerals and tropical fruits- very nice

Pierre Sparr Sublima- Table 3
Very nice Gewurztraminer- mango and passion fruit, balanced acidity surprisingly.

Sandhill Syrah- Table 4
Had all the bombastic fruit flavors, but there was some old world leather tastes that where nice.

Peller Estates Ice Cuvee- Table 4
Fun sweeter bubbles.

Erasmo 2005 Chile- Table 9
I had heard a lot about this, and it was ok, but for $29, I thought it needed more depth of taste.

Nearco Sant Antimo IGT 2004- Table 9
Wow, this had what you would expect for $47, dark fruit, mushrooms, leather, and tannins. This was really great.

Diemersfontein Pinotage 2008, $29
Aromas of burnt rubber and tasted like elastics.

Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc- Table 13
I like Chenins, but this one was flabby even for them.

Ardhuy La Cabotte Garance 2005 $26.79- Table 14
Great favours, ripe fruit, some tannins and great oak.

Ardhuy La Cabotte Gabriel 2006, $34
A bit more in your face than the Garance, more Grenadine sweetness.

Ardhuy Savigny Aux Clous 2006 $46
Wonderful Pinot Noir, deep tastes and aromas, more milk chocolate than I would have guessed.

Ardhuy Corton Renardes 2006, $116
Compared to a rich wine like the Savigny, this was an absolute monster, the finish lasted for 15 miinutes.

Beringer Knights Valley Alluvium Rouge 2005 $54 - Table 17
I was interested to try this, quite sweet with surprisingly like structure.

Mezzacorona Riserva Teroldego Rotaliano $19- Table 19
First time I had a Teroldego - smelled very pungent almost acrid, good fruit. I liked it.

Torres Mas La Plana 2005, $46
Highly structured, dusty tannins- enjoyed it.

Ventisquero Pangea 2006, $52- Table 21
Highly extracted, syrupy, great aromas, maybe too heavy.

Oreno IGT 2006 $81- Table 24
Very nice wine, deep aromas and long finish.

Saia IGT 2006, $36
Never had good success with Nero d'Avola, I always found them too acidity, chewing on an old style foil potato chip bag. This one was no different

Parducci Zinfandel- Table 26
Really nice Zin, tobacco and dry herbs favors.

Pio Cesare Altro Chardonnay Table 29
Great Chardonnay- lemony buttery fruit

Pio Cesare Langhe Nebbiolo 2006 $46
Very approachable Nebbiolo, good tannins but not astringent. Dried Roses and black tea.

Pio Cesare Barolo DOCG 2003, $85
Again very approachable as a young wine, maybe to much. Has the price on this stuff just takeoff ?

Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo 2007, $20.49- Table 34
One of the best wines of the show for me. Beautiful red fruit, nice tannins and great aromas of fresh herbs and coffee. 60% Sangiovese, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged for one year in oak barrels

Poggio al Tufo Alicante 2007, $27.79
Made from Alicante Bouschet grapes- beautiful colour, some bubble gum flavors and mocha coffee. Just loved this stuff.

Donnafugata Mille una Notte 2006, $75- Table 35
Again, had a tough time with the acidity of this wine. Just didn't enjoy it.

Winemakers Lot 115 Cabernet- Table 39
Solid wine. Good Cab like mint and chocolate.

Winemakers Lot 148 Carmenere
Peppery and fun, good rich oak also.

Winemakers Lot 54 Syrah
Very flavorful and some gamey aromas.

d'Arenberg The Laughing Magpie 2007, $29- Table 52
Full on Coke Cola taste with an interesting aromas - very impressed with this

Valdivieso Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc- Table 54
Looking forward to a Cab Franc, but this was so dominated by Green Peppers.

Valdivieso Caballo Loco $66
Didn't really think much of it, flat, somewhat boring.

Rivetto Ce Vanin Barbaresco 2006, $54- table 57
Great aromas of Dried flowers and dark oak. Still really tight. Lots of Tannins.

Rivetto Leon Barolo 2005, $81
Really tight, loads of drying tannins- Young Barolo, but my favorite Barolo of the show.

Finca Antigua Petit Verdot- Table 58
Beautiful Purple colour - great taste of red liquorish.

Travaglini Coste Sesia 2007, $24- Table 61
Very approachable nebbiolo, dry herbs and back tea. Tannins were there in force but manageable.

Travaglini Gattinara 2004 $37
Classy wine, deep cassis and the tell-tale favors of that region. Just Super

Travaglini TreVigne Gattinara 2004, $57
This was tight, and tannic. But also rich like cocao powder- this would be really interesting in 10+ years.

Clos Triguedina Petit Clos 2006 $23- Table 65
One of the surprises of the show was how good the little Probus was. Medicinal favors mixed in with Black bart chewing gum.

Clos Triguedina Probus 2005 $57
Dark Fruit, Black liquorish, strong tannins. Super Cahors.


  1. I was AT the Expo but hardly ventured far from our booth. It was insanely busy. I had a couple on my "wish list" that the Iron Chef tried. Wine Access rated the Nearco Sant Antimo a 91. I think that is gone, though. But I did get the Poggio al Tufo Alicante. I sampled it at the expo (on my way from the bathroom break) and their Rompicollo...I wasn't crazy about that one but the Alicante..OOOH YEAAH! Such my style of wine. I also picked up a Laughing Magpie, Henry Pelham Baco Noir, Paul Dolan Cab, Undugurra Sibaris. That was about it. There are some I still want to pick up..and I see that they are still available. The Ricasoli Chianti,Santa Rita Floresta Petite Syrah and a Yambula Y Series Voignier.
    I am glad you found the Winemakers Lot nice wines. I really liked their Syrah and Carmenere. we also had a blend that was interesting, a Escudo Rojo - Chile.
    Wish I had more to contribute..but alas...duty called. :-)

  2. I tried the Pelham Baco Noir Reserve once a few years ago, and it was really outstanding. I'll be curious to hear about the regular bottling.