Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cantele Alticelli 2008

Oz Clarke calls Fiano an "extremely interesting" southern Italian grape that at its best is weighty and honeyed with flowers and spice. I'm afraid I didn't get much of that. I had this at the same party as the Cister da Ribera, which was a hands down favourite over Alticelli. Again, the notes are sketchy, but this came across as a fairly nondescript white wine with a bit of a sour finish. Drinkable, but not more.

Price: $21.29
Value 2/5
Score: 85
Region: Italy, Salento
Grape: Fiano
UPC: 8009015040508

1 comment:

  1. Ciao Norman,
    I'm quite surprised for your negative comment about our Alticelli Fiano 2008, but I thank you a lot because you selected it for your tasting. It was probably the best vintage for Fiano in Salento (my first experience with this grape was in 2004) because we had quite mild temperature and a very regular ripening. The acidity level (6,4 g/l) was very good.
    Fiano is not an aromatic variety like Muscat is, so i think it is not so easy to compare with Cister da Ribera
    Last night I had a dinner with Mr Chris Zimmerman (Washington State manager for our USA importer Vias Imports) and the wine distributor Mr Bert Mason of Unique Wine (Seattle).
    They chose Alticelli fiano 2008 to match a wonderful "paccheri" (tipical southern italian pasta) with sea urchin souce.The wine showed very well, still very fresh and tipycal floreal nose, pleasant acidity and good lenght.
    It may be possible the bottle you've bought had some problems, and I apologize for that. If in the future you will have the opportunity to taste it again, please let me know your comments.
    gianni cantele - winemaker