Friday, November 27, 2009

Don David Malbec 2007

While the rest of us are finally back to red wine, we haven't forgotten Iron Chef. I've noticed this wine on the shelves, but haven't tried it yet. Iron Chef liked it, but I must say that from the description it doesn't sound like my style.

BTW, anyone try any more of the Wine Expo wines? There are still some around, though they seem to be disappearing fast. Let's hear your views on these wines before they're gone!

--- Iron Chef's Review ---

Nose- Deep aromas of extracted cherries and cassis. The oak smelled wonderful also. Great Opening to this wine.
Taste- Dark fruit, cherries mixed in with a warm wood palate. Reminded me of a good Aussie Shiraz- some Cherry Cola mixed in with a Cherry Blossom chocolate bar. Long rich finish.
Overall- Very thick and complex fruit forward bomb. A bottle from Kelly at the Blue Door.

Price: $16.99
Score: 90
Value: 4.5/5
Region: Argentina, Cafayate Valley
Alcohol: 14%
UPC: 7790189001129


  1. This is a general list wine in Nova Scotia. The Cab Sav and Chardonnay are listed there as well. Really great line up for the price!

  2. NB Liquor has the Cab, Malbec and Torrontes in this line, all are General List.

  3. The Torrontes is great value. Great floral aromatics. Great balance on palate. In NS its about $13. I find Torrontes can get a little chalky and acrid on finish but this is smartly balanced.

  4. According to the NSLC website all the Don David brands are over 15.00. The Torrontes is listed at 15.99. NB Liquor wine prices are high but don't make it worse than it is.

  5. Actually it appears the DonDavid wines are all on special this month at NSLC at 1.00 off so the regular price is high 16.00's same as NBLC.