Monday, November 30, 2009

Michelino Veglio Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba 2007

It's not so often now that we have a varietal that hasn't yet made an appearance on this blog, but this Dolcetto is one. Dolcetto is the third grape of Piedmont, after Nebbiolo and Barbera. It is meant to make wines for early drinking, soft, with flavours of cherry. Unfortunately this example had a nose of Ozonol (phenol) and a sour finish. I suppose you might imagine the finish was sour cherries, but cherries or not, it wasn’t particularly appealing. An interesting contrast with the Nebbiolo d’Alba from the same producer.

Price: $15.49
Value: 2/5
Score: 83
Region: Italy, Piedmont
Grape: Dolcetto
UPC: 877559000702

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  1. I had a nice example of a Dolcetto at the Expo. Terza Monferato. Unfortunately according to NB Liquor there are 3 bottles in Saint John. It was reasonably priced too!!!