Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mission Hill S.L.C. Syrah 2004

Things have been quiet on the blog lately - I've mostly been drinking wine out of my cellar, so I haven't had a lot of new stuff to blog about.  So I'm going to bend the rules a bit with this review from Peter.  The Mission Hill SLC Syrah isn't currently available at ANBL, but many wines from Mission Hill are, including others in the SLC series, so I figure that's close enough. 

--- Peter's Review ---

This one is not available in New Brunswick, but I see a few of Mission Hill's
S.L.C and Oculus wines are, so it might be a nice relative comparison.

Nose - Initially plush floral aromas, a distinct chocolate hint, with delicious
raspberry reduction scents were very attractive. With some air it became chock
full of vanilla and a less delightful soapy raspberry smell.

Taste- medium-full body with a good structure.  The tannins were there, but well
integrated into the backbone.  No heat.  Well balanced with hints of good
acidity. There was a raspberry and cherry flavor throughout, and later with air
a significant dose of oaky vanilla.  It hinted at some earthiness, but hard to
pull out.  It has a freshness that was enjoyable.

Overall a nice wine.  Not a great value. But enjoyable none-the-less. I long
debated when to drink this one, and figured six years old would be a safe time.
This was based upon the initial recommendation from the sommellier in Kelowna,
as well as a few reviews on cellartracker.  I presume it was as good as any
time to drink.

Region: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Price: ~$35 at fine wine boutique in Kelowna
Value 3/5
Score: 88+ points

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