Tuesday, August 26, 2008

d'Arenberg The High Trellis 2005

d'Arenberg is usually a very reliable winery, but this wine just didn't do it for me. Soft and lush but a bit flabby (can you say that about a red?) and while it was recognizably a cab, there wasn't much of interest on the nose or palate. Very easy drinking and nothing wrong with it, but nothing really right with it either. Maybe it's just me: Winorama, one of my favourite wine review sites, really liked it, but with their talk of "strong firm tannins and crisp acidity" I'd hardly know they were trying the same wine if they didn't have a picture of the bottle.

Price: $24.48
Score: 86
Value: 3/5
Tasted: August 2008
ANBL UPC: 9311832327007

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