Thursday, March 18, 2010

False Bay Pinotage 2007

It's always nice to try something a bit different, and pinotage is the signature grape of South Africa.  Too bad this one isn't better.  (But if anyone else liked more than Iron Chef, we'd like to hear from you.)

---- Iron Chef's Review ---

I usually try most Pinotages that go through ANBL, mostly because of the Cathedral Cellars Pinotage, that was here for years. Just a super wine.

Colour- Red and purple core fading to pink on the rim.
Nose- Blueberry Ice Cream, some hot notes and fresh Hamburger. Some hot alcool aromas. And some dank wood smells like most South African wines.
Taste- More Blueberry Jam and cooked hamburger. Good length on the acidity. Grape skin tannins. That same danky wood taste.
Overall-  This wine has that distinctive quality/flaw that most South Africa wines have.

A smell and taste that reminds me of carrying an old wooden canoe down to the river -  old wet wood. Unfortunately this is as good as it gets for Pinotages here in NB - still slightly boring and forgettable. Screw cap, decanted for 25 minutes.

Price: $17.99
Value: 0/5
Score: 80
Alcohol: 14.5%
South Africa- Western Cape
UPC: 6009650000174

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  1. i agree with your comment about cathedral cellars. i picked up a few different types last time i was in NS, and in my opinion they are all very good value for money.