Friday, March 26, 2010

Torres San Valentin Parellada 2008

A new grape!  Too bad the wine wasn’t better. 

— Iron Chef’s Review —

The grape, Parellada, is one of three grapes used in the Spanish sparkler Cava.  Never had this before.

Nose- Lemon and honey. Some floral notes and seashells by the seashore.
Taste- Fresh lemon rind, watermelon and more honey. Good mouth-watering acidity. Some vicious notes on the palate.  Also a plasticine taste on the palate that I did not care for.
Overall- certainly smelled better than it tasted- it was fun to try once, probably not a second time.

Price: $12.99
Value 2.5/5
Score 83
Spain, Catalunya
Grape  Parellada
Alcohol 11%
UPC 8410113001177

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