Sunday, July 12, 2009

Condesa de Leganza Crianza 2003

Come on everyone, don't make Iron Chef do all the work. I know you're out there drinking wine - so send in a review. Either e-mail it to me directly at NBwines /at/ gmail /dot/ com or just post it on the "Make a Suggestion" thread and I'll repost it separately. It doesn't have to be long and no fancy wine words are required - the idea is just to get the conversation going.

--- Iron Chef's Review ---

Nose- Dried Flowers, Older cedar, some hot alcohol notes. Extracted Cherries.
Taste- Red, Ripe Cherries mixed with raspberries. Chalky tannins and Dill pickle chips. Much longer finish that I would have guessed for the price.
Overall- this was a dead ringer for a Spanish wine. It showed a bunch of nice favours and more depth of taste than expected. The Dill on the palate was interesting. I liked this wine.

Price: $15.79
Value 4/5
Score 88
Region: Spain- La Mancha
Grape: Tempranillo
Alcohol: 13.5%
UPC: 8436013812644


  1. We all have our burdens to bare :-) I wish I could contribute, but I seem to be drinking the same thing lately! Either pinot grigio or beer! I am going to a fantastic dinner party tonight...fingers crossed I get to experiment :)

  2. Kelly and I have hardly been drinking any wine lately either, which is why posts have almost dried up. Too hot for red and too wet for white.

  3. picaroons wheat beer and rickards white are decent alternatives for summer drinking. I'm still drinking some non available in NB reds as I still wait for summer in Moncton to start

  4. I just had the 2005 version of this wine. Purchased from the PEI wine festival. I was shocked by the deliciousness of this wine. It was balanced, complex, delicious and dangerously drinkable! It will be joining my very exclusive list of 'definitely buy again' wines.