Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donatien Bahuaud Les Chatrains Chinon 2006

Here's something different - 100% Cab Franc, which is a first for this blog. And also available in NS rather than NB. Too bad - sounds interesting.

--- Iron Chef's Review ---

I think this is only my second Chinon ever. I was excited.
Nose: Leafy Tobacco, Dried Cloves with menthol and Anise. Smelled really different- Charming.
Taste: Light weight on the palate with high Acidity with lots of Tannins. Sometimes cheap French wine can feel unbalanced- astringent and thin, but this had far too many favours to feel yucky. This was really interesting. Dark Cherries and cigarettes. Very lightly textured, but with pronounced favours. This would be a nice wine with salmon. I am going hunting for Chinon.

Price: $19.84 (Port of Wines NS)
Score 90
Value 4.5/5
Region: France, Loire Valley, Chinon
Grape: Cabernet Franc


  1. That sounds really interesting. I love the totally different dimension Cab Francs bring to the table. I get tired of the same old thing with many of the much more commonly available varietals; but usually find it refereshing to add some of the vegetal flavors and intrigue of Cab Franc. Thanks

  2. Had to pick up another when I went down to see Sir Paul last weekend, also bought a Vouvray to expand my Chenin passion and a Cote Rhone white at the Port of Wines.

  3. This is the only Chinon I have found in Nova Scotia. Tough to drink any other wine after fnding this one. Oh, except for Vouvray white and Kiwi Rosé (from Val de Loire).

  4. I had the Vouvray also but found it lacking, flat and devoid of taste. Maybe too subtle for my taste.