Monday, March 16, 2009

2001 Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino

This wine isn’t fully bloggable - ANBL has the 2000 vintage, not the 2001. But that’s close enough - call it quasi-bloggable. (BTW, I say ANBL has the 2000 vintage, but that’s only from the website, which isn’t always accurate with respect to vintage. Anyone know if it really is the 2000 that is in stock?)

— Tancred’s Review —

While visiting a relative in the US, I tried the 2001 Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino, a wine that WS rated at 95. It turns out that NB Liquor carries the 2000 vintage that WS rated at a 90, so I figured I would say something about the 2001 edition.

This was a superb wine that had aged very nicely. No longer tight and concentrated as WS noted when they reviewed it on release, the Fuligni was big and lush and had layers of complexity. Finely balanced, excellent mouthfeel and a finish that went on and on.

As for score though, I'm not sure about 95 (and more generally I find WS scoring bemusing sometimes, across the scoring spectrum). I would expect to be amazed with a 95 wine, like I was with the Pio Cesare Ornato 2001 a few years ago. The Fuligni wasn't quite up to that mark.

Has anyone tried the 2000 edition? I would be most interested to hear how it was. And if money and supply were no object, I would love to have a blind pairwise tasting of these two vintages.

— 2000 Vintage —

Price: $75.16
Region: Italy
Grape: Sangiovese
Tasted: March 2009
UPC: 726452007786


  1. And the 2000 goes on sale at ANBL on Wednesday

  2. Thanks for the tip! I assume a few other wines will go on sale as well? I hope this isn't one of ANBL's 50¢ off sales.

  3. Full List:

  4. Anyone pick up anything at the ANBL March madness Sale? I decided I don't have enough Chateau Montus on hand and I got a Feudi San Gregorio Falanghina as I had always wanted to try one.

  5. We got a Falanghina too. Apparently it's tomorrow's post, but Norman won't tell me what the post says.

    We'll probably pick up more wine this weekend. After all, who doesn't like a sale at ANBL?

  6. Iron Chef, what is your take on the Montus? I heard it was quite good and bought 2 bottles (the regular not the prestige). Does it still have the ability to age?

  7. In a side by side tasting, I rated the Bouscasse as the best, Montus as second and Bouscasse Vieilles Vignes third. That being said they all we very very good. All be it 2 years ago.
    In a separate tasting the Montus Prestige showed very well, the only problem was the price, even with this week's reduction, its still a little lower at the SAQ.
    I also think that these wines will evolve very nicely for an extended period of time.

  8. Thanks IC...I find that we have very similar tastes in wine...alot of the ones you have recommended, I would as well. So, I appreciate your feedback.

  9. If you are looking for a Brunello, the Costanti Brunello di Montalcino 2001 is on sale. Two reviews:

    Wine Spectator: Aromas of berry and lightly toasted oak follow through to a full-bodied palate, with big juicy tannins and a long finish. Big wine. Needs time to mellow. Best after 2010. 2,750 cases made. Score: 93. —James Molesworth, April 30, 2006.

    Wine Enthusiast; Spice bread, almond paste, cinnamon, fudge, orange peel with dry, dusty earth notes are amplified by a lavish, velvety structure with menthol freshness on a long, firm finish. Would pair with tarragon-based sauces or herb-roasted meats. Score: 92. April 01, 2006

  10. I'd noticed the WS review of the Costanti (though not Wine Enthusiast). And I just searched Steven Tanzer and he likes it even better - he rated it as 94(+?) with words like "exceptional," "outstanding," "exhilarating," and "terrific." The only problem is that it is still $65, and I haven't traditionally been a big fan of Brunello. Still, with those kinds of reviews, it's probably worth splurging.

  11. Yes...$64 is outside of my snack bracket for local purchases. If I was in NYC for a weekend, I may pickup something like this as a souvenir/splurge/"hey you only live once" type of treat. But I can't bring myself to do it off the local shelves with so many good sub $50 wines out there.
    Although I have a great appreciation for many of those higher end (subjective) age-worthy wines, I get really excited about the awesome values out there; (Broquel Cab Sauv and Malbec, Palo Alto, G7, Marques de Casa Concha Cab,Syrah,and Merlot, Santa Rita Medalla Real, Campo Viejo, Casa De Campo Shiraz, and so on)
    Peace out!

  12. I see this available at for US$135 per 750ml bottle. Maybe $65 is ok.

  13. $65 is definitely a very good price for this wine, but still a little out of my usual price range. I'll probably get one anyway just to see what a really good Brunello is like. (It's like the Pio Cesare Ornato - the 2001 was the best wine I've ever had, but I can't bring myself to pay $100 for the comparably rated '03.)

    More generally, I've noticed that ANBL prices on the less expensive wines are often a lot more than you'd pay in the States, but on more expensive wines the prices tend to be very competitive with the US. Anyone else noticed this?

  14. Generally yes, but the big exception is Bordeaux, still very expensive here.

  15. I picked up a bottle of the Costanti for Kelly's birthday - I'll report back soon!