Friday, January 23, 2009

Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2000

Iron Chef has built up a big backlog of reviews, so here's another one from him:


Another class of wine that I have been disappointed about over and over. For the most part I fine these Amarones to be expensive and a waste of time. I find them to smell very plastic-y and industrial - a high octane, cheap tasting Valpolicella.

Its always refreshing to say I am wrong and the Tommasi proved that.
Age was visible on the rim, orangish hue. The nose was dominated by Leather, Tobacco, and cocoa powder. Smelled like a real classy wine. The taste was hot berries, minerals, dried cloves, and apple pie spices. Drying tannins and good acidity was a welcomed sense after all that alcohol. Really liked this wine, maybe the age calmed down the volatile aspects and rounded the edges. I have had the Sartori (sucked) and the Masi (not much better) and the Tommasi was dramatically better. Of the three at ANBL now, there is only one worth buying.

UPC #8004645402108
Retail Price: $50.79
Region: Italy, Valpolicella
Grapes:Corvina Veronese 50%, Corvinone 15%, Rondinella 30%, Molinara 5%
Alcool 15%
Score 91
Value 3.5/5

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  1. Very interesting. I find that a lot of people love Amarone, and a lot of people don't. I'd like to try a good example, so thanks for the review. On the Masi, when I first met Norman there was an empty bottle on his kitchen counter for months with this note scribbled on the label: "blech! do not buy again."