Monday, January 19, 2009

Ribeauville Andante 2007

Cave de Ribeauville was one of the big 'finds' of the Wine Expo. Their Pinot Gris and Gewurz are both delicious and great value (we've tried a second bottle of the Pinot Gris and liked it as well as or better that when we initially reviewed it). The Andante is an off-dry Gewürz / Muscat blend (I think 80/20) and the powerful nose of both those grapes jumps out of the glass, followed by a round smooth mouthfeel. Maybe I wouldn't call it complex or elegant, but I would call it delicious. If you can beat this wine in a white for less than $20, let me know.

Here are Kelly's notes:

Fresh, spicy citrus on the nose, and maybe a faint undertone of grape jelly and maybe turpentine, and also minerals. Crisp and light on the palate, with good acidity, body, and length. Beautifully balanced. Delicious. Not 'over the top' with sweet fruitiness like some wines of this style.

Price: $18.79
Score: 89
Value: 5 /5
Region: France, Alsace
Grape: Gewürztraminer, Muscat
Tasted: Jan 2009
UPC: 3156099224630


  1. Had my second bottle of this since the Moncton show, it simply get better every time I try it. we had Friday night take out from the new Curry House. The food was ok, as we rarely eat Indian, but the Andante was wonderful. Pineapples, mango and other Trpoical fruits, on the nose with a great textured mouth feel and mineral- flinty notes in the back of the palate. My wife you does not like off-dry wines even enjoyed it. I am going to increase this score to 90-91 points and a 5/5 value.

  2. I had some company over for an app of scallops with peppers in an orange mint sauce, followed by roll your own Vietnamese spring roles, and then a dish of Red Panang curry beef with rice (I later reflected that the orange mint sauce was out of place with the rest of the dishes). However, one of the wines that a guest brought was this Ribeauville, and I have to agree with IC's comments on the mango pineapple. But, I must say that the nose was very petrol, which would have made me guess riesling. A very nice wine with Asian cuisine.

  3. This style of wine seems to go really well with Asian food. We had the Ironstone Obsession with a Thai curry and it was a perfect combo. I don't need elegance when I'm eating spicy food - a bold nose and some sweetness seems to work well.

  4. Oh I am tres excite. A friend brought this over and left it for me to try. So...with food? or without? By the vibe from the posts...I need something Asian. Maybe this one will wait a bit. Tomorrow the plan is for sirloin and a deep, delish, shiraz> Although its going to be hot! Perhaps....martinis.:)

  5. Nice! I think the Andante is great with or without food. Maybe that's because it's a bit sweet? But for that reason, I'd hesitate to drink it on a really hot day, even well chilled. I'm not sure it would be quite crisp enough. When it's really hot and muggy, I like something ice cold and quite acidic.

  6. Ok. I did this taste without food. What a fantastic wine! I do like Gwurts but never really experienced Muscat. I looove what the muscat did. Gave it an musky tone, minerally. The Gwurts was not sweet as I had thought. Nicely chilled. This one is going on the A list. :)